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The star will be promoting the newest Doritos flavor, Flamin’ Hot Nacho

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Taking a Chance on Doritos
Taking a Chance on Doritos Credit: Doritos

Doritos has announced that Chance the Rapper will be appearing in a Super Bowl spot for its newest flavor, Flamin’ Hot Nacho.

He’s the latest celebrity lined up for the big game. Others include Serena Williams starring in Bumble‘s first Super Bowl ad and Jason Bateman appearing in a Hyundai spot.

Last week, PepsiCo announced Doritos is getting one of its three spots in the big game and days later unveiled the chip’s newest flavor, Flamin’ Hot Nacho. Now, it’s sharing a small bite of its creative approach.

Doritos shared an image of Chance the Rapper holding a bag of Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos and hinted at “more entertaining surprises” to come before the Super Bowl.

News that Chance the Rapper is starring in a Super Bowl campaign comes after the musician said last year that a Heineken ad with the tagline “sometimes lighter is better” was “terribly racist.”

Also, while it’s not exactly a direct competitor to Doritos, food marketer Conagra Brands has supported the musician’s charitable organization SocialWorks since 2017. Conagra’s products include snacks such as Angie’s Boomchickapop popcorn.

Pepsi and Bubly sparkling water are the other two PepsiCo brands with Super Bowl ads this year. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is handling all three spots. Last year, Doritos appeared alongside Mt Dew in a two-part ad totaling 60 seconds starring Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage, as well as Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott, that was handled by Goodby.

Doritos posted an image of Chance the Rapper to its Twitter account, which has about 625,000 followers, with the hashtag #NowItsHot.


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  1. A marketing technique that we could apply to this article would be the 4 Ps, the ones important to this article are Place, product and promotion. First of all for promotion the advertisement both includes the super bowl and a famous rapper, this will make the ad super known especially if there is already a twitter hashtag about it. The product would be a doritos extension in order to get more profit, a new product based on flamming cheetos, another highly demanded product. By combining their brand name and the known flaming hot cheetos name, Doritos is sure to make a lot of revenue off this product. Since this product will be advertised with the super bowl, everyone watching the game itself will see this product, they might sell some at the superbowl in order to really promote them.


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